Evaporative filters for Australian evaporative air conditioners

Facts about our product:

Peach Filters Pty Ltd manufactures and supplies evaporative filter pads. The evaporative filter pads are constructed from woodwool. The sophisticated term for 'Woodwool' is 'Excelsior'.

Peach Filters Pty Ltd uses aspen excelsior in its evaporative filter pads because it resists fungi growth and will not turn brown and sour as rapidly as other timbers.

Odourless and chemically inert, aspen excelsior is most absorbent & wettable and water spreads freely over its surface by capillary action alone. Importantly, under test it cools air to lower temperatures than most other materials (up to 30%) and it has a useful life of approximately 12 months.

Woodwool / Excelsior evaporative filter pads

Some materials, such as plastic, rubber, foam, cardboard or fibre glass may have a longer useful life with the option of washing the media and replacing it, but the at least 30% extra cooling efficiency of aspen excelsior used in our evaporative filter pads more than justifies the comparatively low annual replacement cost of the aspen excelsior.

filter pads

In many cases, even after 12 month's life, the aspen excelsior in our evaporative filter pads looks fairly clean and useful, and some owners object to the cost of replacing it.

However, it needs replacing, because during the twelve month period, two actions have taken place, which reduce the aspen excelsior's saturating efficiency;.

Aspen excelsior

manufactures and supplies evaporative filter pads

Firstly, aspen excelsior contains a substance called 'Lignin', which gives it its strength and resilience. Over a period of 12 months, water leaches out a large proportion of the 'Lignin' and the aspen excelsior becomes limp. In this state it is prone to sag and may cause the evaporative filter pads to open which admits uncooled air into the evaporative cooling system.

Secondly, mineral scale (generally invisible) forms on the aspen excelsior, particularly where strands cross or touch, and this scale retards capillary action and resists wetting.

After 12 months the effective area of the evaporative filter pads for air cooling, (up to 92 square feet for each pound of aspen excelsior) will have reduced enough to affect the cooling efficiency of the evaporative cooling system.

Those who suggest that the aspen excelsior in their particular brand of evaporative cooling systems will last a lot longer than 12 months, demonstrate that they do not know the facts. They have not had sufficient access to experts who pioneered evaporative cooling. Peach Filters Pty Ltd has proven expertise in this field.

Our evaporative filter pads can be replaced annually for approximately 5 % of the total installed cost of the evaporative cooling system. This is a small amount to pay, to prevent a 20% to 40% reduction in the evaporative cooling systems efficiency.


Annual preventative maintenance

Since Peach Filters Pty Ltd commenced operations in the heating and cooling business accent has been placed on the importance of effective service operation.

We have always recommended an annual preventative maintenance check on all evaporative cooling systems, which contain our filter pads. We have always insisted that the people who carry out this maintenance be properly trained and properly equipped, because a good preventative maintenance is good insurance to protect your system.

Evaporative cooling systems

On the other hand, skimped or unskilled maintenance is not only a waste of money, it's dangerous, because low budget or unskilled maintenance will miss defects or not so obvious deterioration and so shorten the systems useful life and reduce its efficiency. An evaporative cooling system, a motorcar or a human being, it's all the same. If they are not properly checked at regular intervals, not so obvious defects will reduce expected life and efficiency.

Peach Filters Pty Ltd manufactures aspen excelsior filter pads to suit all brands of evaporative cooling systems.

Due to the exhaustive number of sizes available, prices of our evaporative filter pads are accessible upon your request.